Monday, December 31, 2012

5 Favorite Meals of 2012

2012 is less than an hour from being over! I hope I can get this post up before it ends. I had the idea of posting some of my best meals from the year. I had fun sorting through all my food photos and selected a few of my favorites. It was hard to choose, apparently I eat out a lot!

In no particular order....

1) Osteria in Palo Alto. This is a classic Italian joint in downtown PA which is always busy. The service can be spotty. I've walked in before to inquire about wait time and met some stuffy, rude wait staff. But the food is good. Specifically the pasta is amazing. Funny story - we walked past one day and my boyfriend started reminiscing about the time we dined there together... except it was totally with his ex and not me! So it's kind of a joke now. But we finally went together this year on a random week night and had some delicious dishes.

Half eaten gnocchi - perfectly tender with tomato sauce and lots of cheese! 
Pesto linguine with shrimp - seriously some of the best pesto I've ever had. Shrimp was eh. 
 2) Steak n Shake in Dallas, TX. Any non-Californians reading this will probably shake your heads, but we don't have this here okay?! When a friend's wedding took us to Dallas, we had to stop at Steak n Shake for patty melts, cheese fries, and milkshakes. Decadent and greasy, calories well spent.
Patty Melts!
3) Sushi Sams Edomata in San Mateo. This is a well known local sushi restaurant - decor is more on the divey side but the sushi is some of the best I've had. Of course, I have never been to Japan and I'd imagine Jiro's sushi tops this by a mile, but for San Mateo this place is pretty darn good. You shouldn't come here to order Crunchy, Dragon, or those kinds of rolls. It's all about the quality of the fish, best displayed in nigiri. Highly recommend, especially the set of nigiri on the bottom right. Baby lobster. Totally delish.

Sorry for semi blurry pic!
4) Bella Istanbul in Barcelona, Spain. This was a favorite of mine from the time I studied abroad here. Cheap and delicious. I've been back twice since and each time this is an obligatory stop. I order what's called the "Durum Kebab" and it's differentiated from its sister "Donor Kebab" by the type of wrap. This is more burrito style. But it's not tortilla, it's this warm shell with the perfect balance of soft and crunchy, encased around mouthwatering chicken, pickled cabbage, tomatoes, and other goodness. And then you get two sauces - a hot sauce and a blend of something like ketchup, yogurt, and relish. Trust me, it's da bomb!

Started with a hummus appetizer
How the kebab comes out
Couple bites in, barely pausing to snap a photo
Drizzled with sauce. NOMS.
5) Ahi tuna burgers from Gotts Roadside in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I've said before the Ferry Building is one of my favorite places in SF and when we visit, we almost always eat at Gotts. We really should branch out a little because there are so many good places inside. But their ahi tuna burger is really something special.

2 burgers with a side of chili cheese fries
Get a load of that tuna! Paired with a toasted brioche bun and a delightful sauce.
Well, I'm done with 20 minutes to spare! Time to get this posted and break out the bubbly! Or in our case, steaming mugs of tea. Poor bf has a cold, but he soldiered up and got Pizza Antica with me for dinner, then we stopped at a friend's party in Sunnyvale. We cut out of there at 10pm and came home, when I resolved to get this last post up. So, Happy New Year! Wishing everyone good food, love, and happiness in 2013. 

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