Sunday, September 9, 2012


Well, mostly an update but also a grievous rant against allergies which are seriously plaguing me today. But first, to lay the groundwork...

In addition to getting a new job, taking an amazing vacation to Spain, add moving to the list. Moving in with my boyfriend, to be precise. Yep folks, now we are happily living in sin.

Once we decided to take the plunge, we frantically searched Craigslist and saw endless openings... by the way the rental market is just horrid. Well we found a place - hardwood floors, two bathrooms, a lovely kitchen (yay!), and in a really convenient location.

Now we are in the midst of building Ikea furniture, shopping for more pieces, and organizing in general. Can you believe we had to rebuild our TV unit 4 times? Lucky it did not fall apart on us! Comcast came yesterday to set up cable and internet - but they only brought a modem! The installer guy told us if we stopped by a Comcast store they would give us a wireless router for free. Not able to pass up free stuff, I dutifully drove to the store, waited in line for 1 hour, only to find out there was not a single router left in the entire store. FAIL to whoever is responsible for that store's inventory. So I bit the bullet and bought a router, no biggie. Had some issues setting it up but after a 30 minute phone call to Netgear technical support, we officially have internet. I have to admit, it was kind of fun living without technology for a week. Very rustic.

So to tie this development in with my current sniffly situation, the bf makes coffee every morning. Fragrant, delectable smelling Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee. Even though coffee notoriously exacerbates my allergies, I caved by the second day. And now I am paying for it. (The sangria last night didn't help either). What can I say, coffee and alcohol are my triggers. We were supposed to go to a Giants game today, instead I am watching Julie and Julia and paying some attention to my beleaguered blog.

Does anyone else have nightmare-ish moving stories?

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  1. No but I have a slight ear infection, and am possibly getting sick. This better not deter our plans tomorrow night. wish me luck!