Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on diet

Okay, so it's not a "diet" in the sense that I'm really dieting, more like diet in terms of what I'm consuming daily.  Have really been cutting back on processed food.  Haven't been eating sausage, lunch meat, canned, or frozen foods.  Found a kind of smoked turkey at Trader Joes that does not contain nitrates.

Courtesy of everyopinion

And I have to say, in a way it makes life easier.  For example, when I used to go to Costco, my eyes would immediately zoom in the prepared foods aisles. Soups, salami, dips, packaged meals, 20x types of meatballs, sausage, lunch meat - it was like crack to me! Unfortunately, my eyes are almost always too big for my stomach and I would walk out with enough food for a family of 10.

Nowadays, I avoid that section all together, stopping by the meat, veggie, and fruit area. In that way, shopping is simpler.  I don't think I'll ever be able to resist the lure and ease of Chinese takeout after a long workday, but I'm not trying to be ascetic about this at all.

Excited to have lunch at Little Sheep Hot Pot tomorrow. This place has dong gua which is a popular ingredient in Chinese soups. It's kind of a squash/melon hybrid that I loooooove.


  1. Require: name/location of aforementioned TJ's smoked turkey...

  2. Pic above, found at all Trader Joes locations. Tastes great but does spoil quicker than other brands (naturally).