Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sodium Nitrates

Guys.  This may be one of those statements I regret making later, but me thinks it's time to cut back on the amount of processed meats I consume regularly.  Recently I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and having a mild form of chronic urticaria myself, really empathized with the people in the documentary.  Through a diet of pure vegetables and fruit juices, these two men were able to wean themselves off the many prescription drugs they took.  Kind of made me take a step back and analyze exactly how much "processed food" I eat.  It's a LOT.  Take beans for example.  I don't think I've ever soaked beans overnight, I just buy canned.  Canned is easy, but it's also full of sodium and preservatives to keep the beans fresh.

Anyways, I stumbled on this article today which really cemented by decision to reinvigorate my diet with fresh foods.  I'm getting to the age where my habits are really going to affect my health later.  Smoking is a habit I choose not to pick up because of proven links to lung cancer.  Same could be said for sodium nitrates, the chemical added to processed meats like sausage and sandwich meat.  I will start by cutting back on processed meats and see if I can take it further. I'm not putting pressure on myself to completely cut them out, but will give it a good try.

In other news, I have been drinking a lot of tea! Chamomile, green tea, earl grey, it's so comforting to curl up on the sofa with a big mug.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Sounds kinda like the movie "Forks over Knives." I'm not sure I 100% buy into the science behind the 100% vegetable diet thing, but I do think there's something to be said for finding healthy alternatives to processed foods. I'm trying to do the same thing myself (as are several others, apparently...I'll have to invite you to the FB group my friend started--I'll do that when I finish typing this...)

    Meanwhile, I just came across this article posted by USA Men's Soccer. Seems pretty useful, and reasonably easy! http://www.ussoccer.com/News/Mens-National-Team/2012/01/10-Nutrition-Rules.aspx