Thursday, December 29, 2011

Machu Picchu

After three days of grueling hiking, sweating, and panting, we woke up on a clear Tuesday morning at 3:45am to start the last push to the Sun Gate. For whatever reason, I thought it was just an easy 2 hour hike this last day, but it was actually more like four. I'll let the images speak for themselves... it was a beautiful, magical place which I imagine must have been so lonely during the hundreds of years it was lost to the world.

Beautiful valley - Urubamba river
The last push before the Sun Gate
First glimpse

Alpaca grazing
Henry, our guide
Look at how perfectly the stones fit together
Temple of the Three Windows
Temple of the Sun and some terraces


  1. Caroline, How was the food on your trek? Would you recommend the guides you used? My husband is a big foodie and we would love to experience awesome food as we hike the trail. What was the name of your guide? Thank you!!!!!

  2. Hi Sara, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. There were usually two courses, a soup and entree. Entrees were generally fish, chicken, or pasta. We had a cook dedicated to our group and he made some pretty amazing meals considering he was cooking in a tent! I would recommend going with an international company vs. a local Peruvian shop. We went with Gap Adventures and had a great experience. Our guide's name was Henry and he was very knowledgeable. Have a great time!