Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happiness lately 8-10-11

I've been a very naughty girl....

In my defense, it's not everyday that Andronico's in the Stanford Shopping Mall goes out of business and has a crazy sale on kitchen items. Andronico's is a small local market with a great deli and local wine selection, but their prices are higher than your average supermarket. A co-worker told me about the blow-out sale so I went after work to scout out what was left. Scored two molten cupcake pans and a garlic press. I hesitated over the garlic press.... I kind of enjoy chopping.... did I really need one? N.O. But at 50% off, why the heck not?

Exhilarated with those purchases, some days later I made my way to Bed Bath & Beyond, where I picked up a mandoline, rolling pin, cast iron skillet, and cooling racks. I think the cooling racks are going to be a good purchase because I like to eat my baked goodies right out of the oven and this will considerably cut down on the cooling time. I've also been musing over the idea of making a vegetable tian and figured a mandoline will come in handy. Will let you know how that one goes!

From left to right: mandoline, garlic press, cupcake pan,
rolling pin, cast iron skillet, and folding cooling racks
If you like housewares and decorating, check out One King's Lane. It's basically a Gilt Groupe for furniture, decorations, and kitchen items. I have purchased 3 things and received two of them in a timely fashion. Which reminds me.... I need to call them and inquire about the Alice Waters cookbook I ordered a while ago....

So while I'm not thrilled with their service department, it is very fun to peruse the sales. I bought a mortar and pestle which I honestly have yet to utilize, but imagine I will make pesto in the near future. Got a basil plant from TJ's which is still living so if all goes well I'll have a lot of basil to play with!
Mortar & pestle
Now to fantasize about my dream kitchen where I would store all these goodies! 

Gorgeous spacious white kitchen

Not sure about the glass cabinets but love the chandelier!

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