Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happiness lately 7-8-11

One weekday the bf and I were checking out a studio for rent in SF (which was not the place for me, made evident by the drug swap we saw occur right outside the building!) We were done at 5pm-ish, and decided drive down California St. towards the beach. We decided to stop and get some Chinese food at Shanghai Dumpling King and kill some time to avoid rush hour traffic going back home. This is a bona fide "hole in the wall" establishment and the service very efficient, quick, with no time to exchange pleasantries. I wouldn't come here for the atmosphere but the xiao long bao's are pretty darn good. We also ordered the spicy wontons and honey walnut shrimp, both were eh.
Spicy wontons

Xiao Long Bao

Honey walnut shrimp

Somewhere we've always talked about trying is Refuge on Laurel St. in San Carlos. Everytime we drive by the place is packed. They specialize in pastrami and Belgian beer. When we walked in, I was a little surprised. I assumed that was the sort of place where you ordered at the counter and got a number. Nonono. This was a sit down with wait staff. Everyone looked like they were having great conversation, great food, and great beer. I ordered the chopped pastrami salad which came with homemade picked vegetables, a heaping serving of pastrami, and rye toasts on the side. It was huge and magnificent. I asked for dressing on the side, which I'm really happy about because the picked vegetables are really flavorful and so I barely used the dressing.
Chopped pastrami salad (quality is not great b/c I snapped it on my iPhone)

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