Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So far I haven't posted about my travels, but I'm happy to share that I am going to Machu Picchu in September to hike the Inca Trail. I am beyond excited to visit Peru and hike to this sacred monument but I definitely have some getting in shape to do! In preparation for this trip, the hubby and I are making a few trips to Yosemite to hike in higher altitudes. Our first one was last weekend and being the intuitive weather forecasters that we are, we picked a rainy weekend (can someone please explain how it can be June and still raining??). It turned out to be fortuitous though because the park was less crowded than usual and the trails were relatively empty. We hiked the Mist Trail that starts at 4,000 ft elevation and gets up to 6,000 ft, 7-8 miles round trip depending on where you start.

The Mist Trail gets its name from the mountains of mist that arise from the waterfalls pounding on the rocks. You are bound to get wet! So the rain didn't bother us that much but it did make the rocks extra slippery. I got some great pictures and it's further inspired me to get a DSLR to take even cooler pics!
Vernal Falls

Where the Mist Trail gets its name 
The rocky trail up to Vernal Falls. 

Top of Vernal Falls

Continuing on to Nevada Falls (Half Dome is on the left)

Nevada Falls

View from top of Nevada Falls

Getting to the food portion of this post... I had planned a nice, healthy dinner for us to cook over the fire on Friday night to fuel us for the hike on Saturday. Imagine my horror when we got to the campsite and found out it was sans food locker OR fire pit. Major wrench in the plan. However, pleased to report that though our combined ingenuity we crafted a makeshift grill that did the job just fine....
Grilled veggies wrapped in foil and chicken meatballs roasting on skewers

Pretty rad rock formation eh?
Being in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception is incredibly therapeutic to me. I love being able to check out and just be. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting by a bonfire and watching the flames flicker, although I'm definitely the person who keeps moving her chair around the fire to avoid the smoke!

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