Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happiness lately 6-5-11

I'm back! I've been saving up a bunch of recipes and pictures to blog about but I've been lazy about editing and getting the posts up. To my non-existent readers, I'm sorry :)

Anyhoo, here's what I've been up to....

Hangar One vodka distillery: came here for a birthday party and had a private tasting. It's located at an old airplane hangar in Alameda with great views of SF.
My favorite cocktails were the pear martini and sidecar.

Pear martini
Tony's Pizza Napoletana: I read about this restaurant from the lovely Anh (if you like fashion blogs, she has amazing style) and being an avid lover of pizza I couldn't wait to try this place out. The hubby and I were in North Beach to see Tracy Morgan at Cobb's Comedy so we stopped by on a Saturday night. We got there at 5:30pm and waited about 20 minutes. Not shabby. Their most famous pizza is the margherita and they only make 73 a day. It was delicious although thin, I could have finished a whole one myself!
Margherita pizza
Old Port Lobster Shack: this is a local seafood joint in Redwood City that hits the spot when I've got a hankering for lobster rolls. I also highly recommend their lobster bisque. The photos tell it all...

Have you ever seen lobster bisque with that much lobster?!
Woodside Bakery: this is a little bakery/café in the uber wealthy Woodside area. The ambiance is always lovely and the food never disappoints. I don't come here too often (try to stay away from the area when I'm not working!) but we were craving pasta one night and couldn't muster up the energy to boil water (yes, that is my legitimate excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
Fettucini and meatballs

Chicken cannelloni
And for kicks, we passed by this on the way to Tony Napoletana:
Blinged out vampire fangs! 

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