Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kitchen staples

Since I've taken an avid interest in cooking, I've come up with a list of some kitchen staples that I like to keep on hand at all times. I am documenting them somewhere so I will remember what they are!

Cream of chicken, mushroom, and broccoli
Great for soups, casseroles, chicken pot pie, etc.

Chicken broth
My base in all soup

Frozen pie crust
Quiches, pot pies, or you can defrost the dough and use it for other things

Frozen puff pastry
For my salmon with puff pastry recipe


Evaporated milk
For desserts, pancakes, etc

Bisquik mix
Pancakes and biscuits

Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese

Celery, carrots, and potatoes
These veggies are so basic, you can make pot roast in the slow cooker, a nice soup, etc

Canned diced tomatoes
Base for soup, chili, pasta, etc.

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