Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eating out: Frontera Grill

One show I cannot get enough of is Top Chef. I was delighted when the Bravo producers took it a step further by creating Top Chef Masters, showcasing celebrated chefs around the nation. Rick Bayless, owner of Frontera Grill in Chicago, won the first season and ever since, I've been eager to eat at his restaurant.

So it goes without saying I jumped at boyfriend's spontaneous idea to fly to Chicago for a weekend, ostensibly to watch Purdue play in the NCAA tournament (insert evil laugh here). It was terribly last minute, but I called FG anyways in the off chance we could make a dinner reservation. Naturally, the lady politely laughed in my face and told me the line starts gathering an hour before the restaurant opens.

Not to be discouraged, we dutifully arrived on Saturday, 40 minutes before 5pm and to our disbelief, there was no one waiting. We scratched our heads, peered through the windows, and considered going to a bar and coming back in a bit. In the end, we decided to just wait.

That was a good decision. Within 15 minutes, the line stretched around the block. I stared at the menu posted outside, relishing in the sweet agony of what to order. At 5pm, the doors opened, and we flooded into the bar. We were the first ones seated and having studied the menu for 40 minutes outside, we knew exactly what we wanted.
The line of people waiting for the restaurant to open

Appetizer: Sopes Rancheros

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